Nailing User Interviews

About this session

User Interviews are not only one of the cornerstone of user-centered design, but also one of the easiest techniques to mess it up. In this workshop, we will share some stories from past projects, and hopefully get you feeling confident to perform this activity in small and large-scale research projects.

Who is this for:

Designers, Product Managers, Product Owners, Strategists.

Benefits of doing it:

  • Learning to frame the problems through user vision;
  • Help to build empathy across the project and stakeholders;
  • Remove bias from the team involved.

What we will cover:

  • Real world examples;
  • Writing screeners and what are they for;
  • How to recruit users;
  • Writing your testing plan;
  • How to prepare for the interviews;
  • How to perform Interviews;
  • Do’s and Don’ts;
  • Tips and tricks to consolidate insights.


Event Details and Registration:

Date & Time:  16th РJanuary / 2019
Location: (To be confirmed)
Spots available: (10-20 to be confirmed)
Session Fee: All events are free of charge unless stated otherwise

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Attendance Disclaimer:

We have limited spots for this session (10-20) and the following rules will apply:

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