This is a list of the next planned events from the crew at IxDA Dubai chapter, If you’d like to support IxDA Dubai make sure to get in touch

Monthly Meetup in 2019

Our monthly meetups are casual opportunities for people to get together, network and discuss some burning themes around design  (the market, the region or anything that pops up). These events happen on the first Wednesday of every month and we might have special guests dropping by with small presentations. You should RSVP through our IxDA Dubai Meetup Page. IxDA Dubai

Design Foundation

In this track, we aim to cover tools, techniques, and methodologies that are helpful through and through any design project. They are simple, extremely helpful and should be a part of any designer’s toolkit. These sessions are hands-on where we’ll share our experience from real-world scenarios.

Scheduled Events (Design Foundation)

Coming Soon (Design Foundation)

  • [TBC] : User Flows on Steroids
  • [TBC] : Getting the most out of Stakeholder Interviews
  • [TBC] : Principles of digital product design
  • [TBC] : Agency vs. In-house: Which is right for you?
  • [TBC] : Introduction to content strategy and how to use a content-first approach in projects
  • [TBC] : Building sitemaps for large-scale websites
  • [TBC] : How to run an efficient content audit
  • [TBC] : Card sorting and tree testing, getting your Information Architecture right
  • [TBC] : Usability testing 101, all you need to know to get your tests going

Advanced Methods

In this track, we cover specialized tools, used in specific cases to solve more complex problems. We’ll be covering new and hyped methodologies but also revisiting some old concepts. These sessions are a combination of short talks and workshops.

Scheduled Events (Advanced Methods)

Coming Soon (Advanced Methods)

  • [TBC] : Principles of branding to get your startup on the right foot
  • [TBC] : Designing spaces and the role of wayfinding in customer experience
  • [TBC] : Building an efficient no bullshit design team in your company
  • [TBC] : Hacking the design sprint
  • [TBC] : How to run design reviews with your team and your clients
  • [TBC] : Designing a chatbot from scratch and all its tough pain points
  • [TBC] : Working with voice interfaces
  • [TBC] : How to buy and sell design work

Fusionist Act

This track focus on everyone else but designers. We aim to cover design from a perspective of other disciplines and how to deal with it.

  • [TBC] : Procurement & Design – Dynamics of Fixed Price and Time and material for design projects
  • [TBC] : Data Science & Design

Expert Talks and Special Events

In this track, we’ll bring together experts from the region and outside of the region to share their hands-on experience in projects and create a dialogue with the local community. These events are larger meetups where our special hosts will run Ask Me Anything sessions.

Scheduled Events

Past events