World Interaction design Day 2019

About this session

On this 24th of September, we’ll host a co-creation workshop to envision the future of travel for people of determination. The theme of the event is “Design for Trust and Responsibility”, and we would like to ask the support from the Dubai design community in making this happen.

The venue can accommodate only 30 people, and we’ll be shortlisting and confirming the participants throughout the days until the event. Let’s have some fun and try to come up with ideas to make the world a better place.

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Event Structure

  • Then idea is to have 8 groups working on different parts of the journey exploring the issues and trying to find ways to improve the experience. Thinking about digital services and products that could support people of determination to travel and experience different cultures and places.
  • How can we design for trust and responsibility?
  • We’ll reach to the community of people of determination to find people willing to be a part of the workshop and work together with the teams. We’ll try to get their input to select the services that would make a bigger difference in their journey.
  • We will have one facilitator to work with each group, supporting them to come up with tangible ideas.

Exploration Tracks

  • Discovery: How might one’s journey to finding the best destinations could be improved?
  • Plan and Book: How might one’s journey of planning and booking airlines tickets, hotels or a place to stay could be improved?
  • At the airport: How might one’s journey through airport security, boarding, shopping, connecting flights and dealing with disruptions be improved?
  • Arriving at a destination: How might one’s journey arriving at a new airport and city, going through immigration and finding a ride to their place of stay be improved?
  • Experiencing the city: How might one’s journey to exploring a city, finding the points of interest, getting around, finding places to eat could be improved?
  • Experiencing Dubai: How might one’s journey visiting the UAE could be improved?
  • Sharing and empowering others: How might one’s experience can be shared and reach others to empower and make travel easier?
  • Payments and Commerce: How might one’s experience shopping, negotiating prices and dealing with payments made easier?

Event Details and Registration:

Date:  24th – September / 2019
Time:  7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Location: Reaktor Dubai, DIC Building @2, Room 128
Spots Available: 30 spots (to be confirmed)
Session Fee: All events are free of charge unless stated otherwise

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PS: Registration does not guarantee a spot, please wait for final confirmation